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Dec 4, 2013 7:00am PST
will see art and other will see science. all of those is true yet i will effort look at this beautiful span and see the people together who bridged road, art and science and made them soar >> thank you (clapping) and now in keeping of the theme of the great people who have contributed to this bridge i'll introduce my great friend chair of the california transportation commission (clapping). >> thank you amy as chairman of the transportation commission it's a real honor to be here today. i'll to take this moment to recognize and honor all my fellow commissioner who are present today starting with bob bob bobby. commissioner lucy and fran, commissioner joe (clapping) >> i'd like to honor two of our past commissioners x commissioner jerry, and ex-commissioner phil. (clapping). >> i'd like to acknowledge our current and past directors and their staff in keeping this project moving forward. the ct c has plated a big role as established be by the legislature in july 2005. we've been roeptd by four of our executive directors. my colleague on the podium and john who's in the audience
Dec 2, 2013 8:30am PST
might be agreement on that. i think the science and the art are to the point for the big questions and big answers, there's a lot of consensus on that. i would take comfort on that. >> i agree with that. >> i think it was a joke, engineers talking about them. our buildings are not that difficult to access. people would be able to point out 90 percent with clear consensus. there might be differences on details like brick foundation. there are things people would see as unique. you should have comfort, i don't know, if it's the registered structural >> it's within the earthquake section, there's information about retrofitting wood structures and a list of engineers. a lot of these are single family. i think there are engineers listed there too. i might be wrong. it's a great resource and the associations staff went through and looked at them. if you are a contractor, you might want to get in there. it's free advertising. >> i have to say, in san francisco, we have so many difficult buildings. these are all one off buildings. it requires an engineer to take a look. >> not ju
Dec 4, 2013 11:30am PST
will get more and more powerful. people sometimes ask me, like, how would you write science fiction about the future? how do you predict things about the future. in general, if you want to predict futuristic things that feel credible, i think what you should do is imagine that anything that today requires a big group like a corporation or government or army and imagine it being done by a group of people who are about knit together as a bake sale. i think that feels futuristic. we have built things as complicated as skyscrapers using these open methodologies and that trend will continue so what would an optimistically conceived space program that was made out of mail lists and wiki's look like? that to me is the optimistic future. >> i'm glad there is one. >> questions? >> i'm not in charge of hands so don't look at me when you -- there's mic runners over there. >> i thought you were a local of san francisco when you wrote this. what research did you do about san francisco to get the knowledge? >> i lived here for six years before moving overseas so that was my research. i commuted h
Dec 2, 2013 5:30am PST
controversial. there were tried in washington in 1953. he had a panel showing the arts and sciences. there is luther burbank and jack london. there was a thing on the side. it says federal art project and has beginning and ending date. that is a wall which becomes a tomb stone. the artists themselves are becoming ghosts. that's what he's doing there. joseph danish. head of the projects, it is it was a wonderful time that he woke up every morning wondering how long it would last. they were being paid to produce public art. well, what happened of course is the war. the war came along. and roosevelt could see it coming. so, very few people understand the new deal segways into war. they beefed up the military bases like fort mason. my 1943, they are all killed. the war did what the new deal couldn't do, full employment. there were reports, it's still with mind numbing statistic. we have to rely on other people to do it. the these projects enriched the lives of millions of people and does so today all the time. i have become aware of it, but very few people are. i have also become aware
Dec 2, 2013 10:30am PST
his masters in commuter science and other degrees from ucla. join me in welcoming our panel people. and as mayor as one of the finite cities in america why are you supporting immigration >> thank you carl. let me repeat my hangz or thanks for julia and kevin. this is the first company i visit in this city and carl thank you. and the carl bishop group is very important working with our chamber of commerce and the other nonprofit. a simple answer is jobs. the reason i'm working on immigration reform. i used to be a civil rights attorney and helped folks to 0 reunite with their families. but at the time the direction connect to the history of the city being a city of immigrants 35 percent of all the small businesses in san francisco was owned by an immigrant. our whole history this city's been built on good immigrants who found ideas and employed others. and today that story has not changed. i think that the businesses in succeed if we have good sound business policies but we make sure there's comprehensive immigration reform. because we've he learned over the years is that there are
Dec 2, 2013 6:30am PST
there is a new science -- repair, renewal, and rehabilitation. that's different from building something new. you cannot fix each and every crack in the city. it's like each city, you're talking about 3,000, 5,000 miles of pipe. so you have to prioritize where they can go and fix the system. narrator: each city faces unique situations, so they must determine the asset management approach that best addresses these challenges. inspections can be done with various technologies, often by a robot... or personally by a technician on a bicycle. sensors detect breaks, cracks, and weaknesses in the pipe. man: we have roots at this cap lateral at 79. narrator: tree roots can grow into the pipe, splitting it apart. man: more light roots at 69. narrator: sometimes they may even find fully collapsed sections. after gathering the data, utilities can assess the need for rehabilitation. sinha: you have to choose the rehabilitation technique so that the life of the pipe can be extended 30 years, 40 years, 50 years. allbee: any asset has an optimal investment strategy. if you're making investmen
Dec 4, 2013 12:00am PST
transforming san francisco criminal justice system in one that uses science base, human approaches to help people change their lives which reduces recidivism and breaking the inter generational to return. we hope to transform the criminal justice system on a national basis and what we are learning is san francisco is going to help many other states in its jurisdiction to find other ways to serve justice and at the same time change lives and reduce recidivism. our counties realignment effort which means that if we have individual treatment plans, we look at the individual and create a case plan based upon his or her needs and not taking a one side approach as we know about the terrible result of the state prison system. the recidivism rate was 78 percent. i'm really happy to report that we have proven that the sky has not fallen since realignment. we have major results and i will share those stats with you. we have certain sanctions which included incarceration but also rewards for positive behavior and there is leaders in san francisco was in terms of a legal approach was -- ensuri
Dec 2, 2013 2:00pm PST
kids on a track brown where ware doing computer science to get the skills to go into the firms and no non-manufacturing companies and get good jobs. we decided we, you know, would send a sister-in-law that somehow the united states would generate the idea and produce all in china. in response other parts of the midwest large managing or merchandising companies and northeast ohio you saw philosophical in business and other global dynamics they're seeking substantially job growth are to the benefit of not just the kids of ph.d. from stanford or mit but a whole bunch of folks coming out of high schools and colleges with technical prosecutors. >> tests map silicon valley it's great with ideas they didn't get made in china but it's great if you're an engineer or not so great if you're a generate but mayor lee how this model stacks up in terms of the collaboration. >> this would be returning the stats all the time about 17 or 18 percent of the economy so sun valley is reilly coming off of intense managing. the cooler than in the united states is this the the facebook and google realty bu
Dec 2, 2013 2:30pm PST
an all power government but it's they invest in basic science and they investment 90 in our security. there's a whole bunch of things be like infrastructure and skills where the city's and the metropolitan areas and the states today before we even see he skis down are really carrying the lions share of the investment so the federal government needs to doless better. i think the challenge we're going to have and this is really your question greg is we're going to have spatialal uneven growth because this is a powerful and prosperous economy you've made the hard bargain positions in the city you've south yourself up to grow even, you know, more and better jobs and bring in the youth that you're describing. now can detroit do that. i think that michigan is seeing on enormous rebound and the question for them is now how to gave me a city 1 hundred and 38 square miles in detroit how to engage the city of detroit in that rebound. but look it is what it is okay. we can try to wish a different kind of national government on the next year or 3 years of 10 years it's not going to happ
Dec 3, 2013 12:00pm PST
, where i studied political science with a concentration in public administration and worked eight years largely in the public sector. then i earned a master's degree from carnegie melon in pittsburg, pennsylvania. i spent some time as assistant executive director for a non-profit. we did work if a lot of kids in the neighborhood. i have done fundraising for candidates and issues. i have experience with the federal reserve bank of san francisco. when i look around my neighborhood and see the changes that are happening, i so there is no neighborhood grocery store. i see that small businesses in particular are coming and going, and they haven't been able to really sustain themselves. from my work experience in working for the city in the mayor's office as well as in the non-profit, i had a good sense as to what some of the challenges were. when i look in the future, i could see more challenges coming. i thought i had a set of experiences and more importantly a passion and desire to serve. >> i understand that no one wants to have their programs cut. of course not. i also want everyone here
Dec 3, 2013 2:30pm PST
could actually make an interesting bus line. for instance i'm a docent at the academy of sciences, and it's not easy to get to and i often drive as a result. this would not take any new wires, but suppose the 3 continued by turning onto california and going out and picking up riders of the 33 stanyan and going down to fulton and making a loop that the 21 does? you would net together about three different neighborhoods with several commercial areas and knit together union square, laurel village, et cetera and i think you would get other riders and maybe a very well-used line. [ applause ] >> thank you, next speaker. [ reading speakers' names ]. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. thank you so much. my name is dawn isaac and i live in glen park. this is concerning the proposed change in the 35 muni. i am here to speak out against basically adding a second bus on small, windy, diamond street. we already have the 52. i have a concern about the proposal to remove that route from the loop -- which serves -- as i have been told, many elderly and disabled people. i have been to three me
Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
time he's finished he called that in science a proof. david started to do the same thing. he had people sit outside and has a concave mirror and doesn't say a picture upside down. this seemed like it was all a piece of this battle he was having against the death advice of one point prospective. he was trying to figure out where it came in the article and by the way, this was all miss characterized not all artists traditions every line he was saying this was a taste for the optical you wanted to do paintings that that was privileged as what reality looked like. and it will last for 4 hundred years and it will be - and there's absolutely masterpieces bus it's the
Dec 2, 2013 9:00am PST
shakespeare's plays and poems. located near the academy of sciences, shakespeare's garden was designed in 1928 by the california spring and wild flower association. here is a truly enchanting and tranquil little garden tucked behind the path of a charming rot iron gate with romantic magic. the overarching cherry trees, the gorgeous big walkway and brick wall, the benches, the rustic sun dial. the pack picnic, lovely bench, enjoy the sunshine and soft breeze and let the
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)